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The genius of Emily Kame Kngwarreye

review by Chrischona Schmidt

With approximately 100 examples of Emily Kame Kngwarreye works, this multi-layered exhibition gives an overview of the almost 3000 artworks Emily painted in the last eight years of her life.

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Darwin photo portrait thumbnail


review by Colin Groves

How to construct an exhibition on a quiet revolutionary? How to recount his life without being hagiographic, yet give some flavour of his achievement?

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ANMM Darwin thumbnail

Charles Darwin — Voyages and ideas that shook the world

review by Mike Smith

In my view, the real strength of this exhibition is that it shows that Darwin's voyage on HMS Beagle (1831–36) was just one of a series of British naval survey voyages to the Southern Hemisphere that included naturalists and artists.

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AJ gallery thumbnail

Australian journeys

review by Linda Young

The Australian Journeys gallery, opened in January 2009, marks the first exhibitionary impression of the review tide on the National Museum of Australia's permanent galleries. Has it reshaped the coastline?

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Babylon thumbnail

Myth and reality

review by Peter Stanley

This intriguing exhibition explores both the reality of ancient Babylon and the lingering connotations of the idea of it over the centuries.

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Modern Times thumbnail

Modern times
The untold story of modernism in Australia

review by Jill Julius Matthews

The variety and complexity of 'the modern' have generated a confusing lexicon of multiple and incompatible meanings for modern, modernisation, modernity, modernité, modernism. In other words, modern is a bugger of a concept to work with.

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Circa thumbnail


review by Nicole Ma

Circa is an audiovisual revolving theatre at the National Museum of Australia, that leads into the exhibition areas. A revised version of Circa was completed in 2009, in response to an extensive review of the Museum's exhibitions and programs.

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Armistace thumbnail

Advancing to Victory, 1918
Australian War Memorial

Shell-shocked: Australia after Armistice
National Archives of Australia

review by Rosalie Triolo

Two fine temporary exhibitions in different national institutions commemorate the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War (1914–18) and offer powerful visual insights into Australian battlefront, home front and post-war experiences.

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