Part of the Contested Frontiers exhibit at the National Museum of Australia

Contesting frontiers
History, memory and narrative in a national museum

by Bain Attwood

This article examines the ways in which historical conventions can determine the nature of the stories that museums seek to tell and influence the manner in which many expect these to be narrated.

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MacKenzie wet specimen - a kangaroo foetus

Weird and wonderful
The first objects of the National Historical Collection

by Libby Robin

The story of how Sir Colin MacKenzie's zoological specimens became 'history' reveals as much about the changing nature of museums and national collections in the twentieth century as about the collector himself.

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Portrait of Eric DunlopEric Dunlop and the origins of Australia's folk museums

by Nicole McLennan

A lecturer at the Armidale Teachers' College in northern New South Wales during the 1950s, Eric Dunlop was instrumental in the development of folk museums in Australia.

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