Volume 1 number 2
September 2006

In the second issue of reCollections: Journal of the National Museum of Australia,

  • Bain Attwood discusses the representation of conflict on the Australian frontier
  • Libby Robin tells the story of how zoological specimens became historical objects at the National Museum
  • Nicole McLennan explores the origins of Australia's folk museums, and
  • Patrick Greene explains the networked model of management at Museum Victoria.

Books reviewed are Civilizing the Museum: the Collected Writings of Elaine Heumann Gurian; Thriving in the Knowledge Age: New Business Models for Museums and Other Cultural Institutions by John Falk and Beverley Sheppard; and Memory, Monuments and Museums: the Past in the Present, edited by Marilyn Lake.

We visit exhibitions on the explorer James Cook, fifty years of television in Australia, and first contact between Europeans and Indigenous Australians in the Western Desert.

Print copies of this issue will be available through the National Museum of Australia's shop.