Exhibition reviews
Pintupi man with truck

Colliding worlds
First contact in the Western Desert

review by Peter Thorley

This travelling exhibition documents the remarkably recent history of the Pintupi people's move away from being a hunting and gathering society — an amazing story of twentieth-century contact.

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Feathered image of Ku

Exhibiting James Cook
Cook's sites and Cook's Pacific encounters in Canberra

review by Greg Dening

Canberra in 2006 was abundant with Cook, as two brilliant exhibitions focused on the evolving nature of our memorialising of the British explorer.

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Radiola TV 1956

On the box
Great moments in Australian television 1956–2006

review by Louise Douglas

The milestone of fifty years of broadcasting in Australia creates an opportunity to recognise television as a cultural form worthy of commemoration and analysis and a significant part of our cultural heritage.

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