Kronosaurus queenslandicus, 1958 by Quentin Hole
The King of the Sea and other stories of prehistoric life at the University of Queensland

by Kerry Heckenberg

Paleoart was used in the first half of the twentieth century to convey knowledge about past life on Earth. Will the significance of the University of Queensland's dinosaur murals be lost if the public are not able to view them?

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Recipes for reading culinary heritage: Flora Pell and her cookery book

Recipes for reading culinary heritage
Flora Pell and her cookery book

by Alison Wishart and Adele Wessell

Flora Pell's Our Cookery Book was reprinted at least 24 times from 1916 to 1950s. What can this cookery book tell us about the everyday life of women during this period, and what curatorial challenges does its display present?

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tooloyn koortakay

'We have survived'
South-east Australian Aboriginal art exhibitions since 1988

by Fran Edmonds

The contested space occupied by south-east Aboriginal art is gradually being broken down by approaches which allow Aboriginal people to infiltrate high art and high culture venues and to explore cultural diversity and difference on many new levels.

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