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League of legends exhibition thumbnail

League of legends
100 years of rugby league in Australia

review by Michael McKernan

It is always a thrill to be in a museum when it is crystal clear that its collections and its story are working for its intended audience.

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Lawrence and Light Horse thumbnail

Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse

review by Brad Manera

This clean and crisp exhibition attempts to draw links between the legendary Lawrence of Arabia and that great Australian icon — the light-horseman of the Sinai Palestine campaign.

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Flying boats thumbnail

Flying boats
Sydney's golden age of aviation

review by Stephen Foster

I was drawn to this exhibition by fond memories of flying boats on Sydney Harbour in the 1950s and 60s. Nostalgia can be a powerful drawcard for exhibition creators. It can also be a seductive trap.

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Conflicts 1945 to today review thumbnail

Conflicts 1945 to today

review by John Murphy

In 2007, Steve Gower, the director of the Memorial, himself a Vietnam veteran, described the purpose of the new Conflicts 1945 to today gallery as to 'tell the stories of our veterans in an engaging and uplifting manner'.

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Art Deco exhibition review thumbnail

Art Deco 1910—1939

review by Caroline Jordan

This exhibition's great achievement lies in its seamless melding of Australian Art Deco with myriad other national variations, the detail subsumed in a wholly satisfying narrative journey.

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