Volume 3 number 2
October 2008
In this issue of reCollections: Journal of the National Museum of Australia:
  • Paul Eggert traces some changes in museum practices from the 1960s and argues that there is a need for a rebalancing of museums' twin obligations towards artefacts and the visitor.
  • Linda Young looks at the management and interpretation of the so-called Cooks' Cottage in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, which, although never inhabited by Captain James Cook, is widely believed by visitors to have strong connections to Australia's foundation hero.
  • Craddock Morton reflects on how the competing forces of ideology, politics, time, space and funding affected the early development of the National Museum of Australia.
  • Nicholas Brown draws on a series of workshops in which postgraduate students from around Australia with an interest in biography found connections between their work and the role of contemporary museums.

This edition also features reviews of recent exhibitions and museum-related books.