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Book reviews
Museum frictions book thumbnail

Museum frictions
Public cultures/global transformations

review by Jay Arthur

Museum Frictions reflects on the positive and negative aspects of globalisation on museum practice today.

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Museum revolutions book cover thumbnail

Museum revolutions
How museums change and are changed

review by Paul Ashton

Museum Revolutions is an impressive international collection that should reach an audience beyond tertiary students, academics and practitioners.

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Walter Rothschild book thumbnail

Walter Rothschild
The man, the museum and the menagerie

review by Nicholas Drayson

The affectionate portrait Miriam Rothschild paints of her eccentric uncle — one of the greatest collectors and benefactors in modern zoology — is a strength of this book.

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Mastering a museum plan book thumbnail

Mastering a museum plan
Strategies for exhibit development

review by Georgia Rouette

This book meticulously provides the museum community with a visually rich explanation on the imperatives for planning museum exhibits.

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Museums and their communities book thumbnail

Museums and their communities

review by Fiona Cameron

Museums and their Communities examines how museums use their roles as informers and educators to empower, or ignore, communities.

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