Run, David, run
The Red Queen stalks MONA

by Justin O'Connor

Here in Hobart we have the arts-led – not just culture-led but arts-led – regeneration in its classic form: the arrival of a multimillion-dollar art gallery to transform the capital of Australia’s most economically marginal state. According to some in local and state government, Tasmania (or at least Hobart) is headed for a new golden age, and it seems that it is the energies opened up by David Walsh’s art collection and building that are at the heart of everything.

Expeditionary enterprise thumbnail

Transformations of the expeditionary enterprise
Perspectives on the Smithsonian’s expeditionary history before 1948

by Paul Michael Taylor

Drawing on the examples of two expedition leaders and explorers associated with the Smithsonian Institution, William Louis Abbott and Matthew Stirling, this paper considers how transformations in museum expeditions have, over time, followed a pathway similar to the transformations in museum exhibitions.