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Botanical fortunes
TN Mukharji, international exhibitions, and trade between India and Australia

by Cherie McKeich

Bengali civil servant TN Mukharji collected, catalogued, described and documented raw materials and art manufactures for display in the Indian courts of colonial exhibitions. This paper explores the history of Museum Victoria's collection of economic products from India, and reflects on what this collection can tell us of the trade relationships between the colonies, and the dissemination of Indian culture within the British Empire.

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Representing colonial Australia at British, American and European international exhibitions

by Louise Douglas

International exhibitions have become a lively field of scholarship. This paper summarises aspects of the development of colonial displays and explores the challenges colonial organisers faced in negotiating colonial identities through the displays.

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Exhibiting history
The digital future

by Paul Arthur

This paper surveys the digital history field — a broad field that is increasingly relevant to museum practice as museums experiment with digital modes of presentation and communication, including virtual exhibitions and other online extensions of the physical visitor experience.

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