Book reviews
Manual of Strategic Planning book cover thumbnail

The manual of strategic planning for museums

review by Des Griffin

All enterprises need a strategy. Once there are goals there has to be a plan setting out how to achieve them. Lord and Markert's manual would be a useful publication to use as a checklist for the planning process.

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Future of indigenous museums book cover_thumbnail

The future of Indigenous museums: Perspectives from the southwest Pacific

review by Kylie Moloney

The most thorough examination to date of museums in the south-west Pacific, this book should serve as a valuable resource for those interested in museums and the cultural heritage of Indigenous people in the region.

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Ochre and rust book cover thumbnail

Ochre and rust: Artefacts and encounters on Australian frontiers

review by Mike Smith

Ochre and Rust shows some of the possibilities of using museum objects to write new sorts of histories — in this case a history of the Australian frontier.

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Exhibitions A practical guide book cover thumbnail

Exhibitions: A practical guide for small museums and galleries

review by Catherine Belcher

For every 'complete' display on view to the public, there is a myriad of documentation, research, forms and negotiation that helps it arrive at that final destination in the gallery — and not all cultural institutions have a small army to do this work.

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Museums, Nations, Identities book cover thumbnail

Museums, nations, identities: Wales and its national museums

review by Ian McShane

A strength of this book is its attention to the wider social and political dynamics impacting on museum-making, even (or especially) the making of national museums.

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Continent of curiosities book cover thumbnail

Continent of curiosities: A journey through Australian natural history

review by Lynne McCarthy

In this book 11 specimens from Museum Victoria collections are used to uncover links to broader themes that contribute to our understanding of the natural world.

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Museum marketing book cover thumbnail

Museum marketing: Competing in the global marketplace

review by Sherene Suchy

Using a rich selection of essays and case studies, this book explores museum marketing, audience experience, revenue and retail, and marketing culture.

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Macleay museum book cover thumbnail

Museum: The Macleays, their collection and the search for order

review by Stephen Martin

Stacey and Hay honour and feature the Macleay collection —probably the oldest collection of scientific specimens in Australia — through sumptuous photographs and carefully written text.

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