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Edge of empire book cover thumbnail

Edge of empire
Conquest and collecting in the East 1750–1850

review by Roslyn Russell

In a magisterial account of imperial collecting in India and Egypt from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries, this book also takes the reader on a 'trans-imperial' analysis of the formation of collections of material culture.

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New museums book cover thumbnail

New museums and the making of culture

review by Sharon Macdonald

Selling things by labelling them as new is an old game. 'New', moreover, does not always mean 'improved', and claims to novelty — currently widely used in the world of museums —undoubtedly deserve careful and critical attention.

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What makes a great exhibition thumbnail

What makes a great exhibition?

Judging exhibitions book cover thumbnail

Judging exhibitions
A framework for assessing excellence

review by Stephen Foster

Oddly, the question of what makes a great exhibition is rarely asked — perhaps because, without innumerable qualifications and sub-divisions, it is as hard to answer as 'what makes great music?', 'a great book?' or 'a great film?'

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Museum Management and Marketing book cover thumbnail

Museum management and marketing

review by J Patrick Greene

A volume in a series of Leicester Readers in Museum Studies, the two editors in their preface state that 'our purpose is to introduce the current breadth and depth of museum management and market thinking'.

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Exhibiting Maori book cover thumbnail

Exhibiting Maori
A history of colonial cultures of display

review by Philippa Mein Smith

This richly illustrated monograph traces changes in the way museums and exhibitions have displayed things Maori since the Victorian era, exploring shifts in meaning from curio and specimen to arts and crafts, followed by art ('primitive' and modern) and taonga (cultural treasure).

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Handbook of material culture book cover thumbnail

Handbook of material culture

review by Linda Young

A refreshing and challenging source, many readers of this journal could find themselves daunted by the references to theorists they've always meant to read and awed by the references to authors they've never heard of.

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Museum branding book cover thumbnail

Museum branding
How to create and maintain image, loyalty, and support

review by Jody Evans

Museums compete with other museums and a diverse range of leisure attractions for exhibitions, events, government funding, corporate sponsorship, customer visitation, discretionary expenditure and consumer brand recognition. In such a challenging operating environment the importance of branding should not be underestimated.

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